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"Big Max Golf TI1000 Auto Fold Push Trolleys"

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"Big Max Golf TI1000 Auto Fold Push Trolleys"

"Big Max Golf"

"Big Max Golf TI1000 Auto Fold Push TrolleysThere is no comparable 3-wheel trolley, which you can handle so easily and quickly. With a simple one hand movement you are able to fold the trolley into a compact package. This trolley offers a great feature - the front tyre will automatically collapse, when you fold the trolley. The Autofold is also one of the most stable trolleys on the market and can carry even the heaviest Tour bags. This new model captivates by its stylish and compact design and will accompany you on each golf course.&#8226 Fastest and easiest foldable 3-wheel trolley of the world&#8226 Compact and sportive design&#8226 Front wheel will collapse automatically&#8226 Revolutionary Auto-fix fold technique&#8226 Stable construction - suitable for every size and weight of bag&#8226 Weight: 7,6 kg&#8226 Size: approx. 74x36x42 cm商品番号:BMG0003 商品名:Big Max Golf TI1000 Auto Fold Push TrolleysProducts Code:BMG0003 Products Name:Big Max Golf TI1000 Auto Fold Push Trolleys"


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