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"Footjoy Ladies DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes"

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"Footjoy Ladies DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes"

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"Footjoy Ladies DryJoys Boa Golf ShoesRedefined golf shoe performance offering additional midfoot support and motion control.ADVANCED OUTSOLE A fiberglass composite support bridge is strategically positioned to provide tremendous mid-foot stability. A flex zone is positioned at the forefoot which dramatically enhances flexibility and ensures maximum ground contact.Boa + FJ ADVANTAGE In 2006, FJ and Boa’s collaborative development of a unique, heel-mounted fit solution signified a game changing moment in Boa’s approach to fit. By integrating the Boa dial into the heel of the shoe , Boa and FJ designers were able to effectively develop a unique “down and back” fit that encompasses both the forefoot and heel. In action, the unique integration of the Boa® Closure System has been credited by many FJ + Boa loyalists for providing a more stable heel fit.WATERPROOFThis soft premium full grain leather offers outstanding waterproof comfort, breathability, and durability. FJ warrants that this golf shoe will be 100% waterproof in normal use for two years (U.S. Warranty).商品番号:FTJ1118 商品名:Footjoy Ladies DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes"

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