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"Gauztex Golf Tape"

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"Gauztex Golf Tape"

"Global Tour Golf"
激安クラブ USAから直送【フェアウェイゴルフインク】(387471)

"Gauztex Golf TapeGauztex Golf Tape is a breathable self-adhesive tape engineered to improve the handgrip on your clubs and prevent blisters. Apply the tape directly to ankles, wrists, fingers, toes, elbows, knees or clubs or apply on top of bandages for extra protection on open blisters. Self-grip Gauztex Golf Tape won't stick to hair, skin or fabric and never leaves behind a sticky residue.・STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE TAPE: Gauztex Golf Tape only adheres to itself and won’t stick to hair, skin or fabric and never leaves behind a sticky residue. It does not require clips or fasteners to stay secure and is pain-free to remove.・BREATHABLE AND WATERPROOF: Gauztex is made of sturdy, yet porous, fabric allowing airflow to the skin. Material is waterproof and will not lose grip from sweat.・FLEXIBLE SUPPORT & PAIN RELIEF: Maintain full mobility of your muscles and joints while receiving support"

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