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"Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN Grip"

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"Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN Grip"

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"Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN GripCONSISTENT HAND PLACEMENT. CONSISTENT RESULTS.Tour Velvet, the #1 Grip Model played on all worldwide Tours is now available with ALIGN® Technology to improve clubface awareness and bring more consistency to your game.Raised Ridge EnsuresConsistency & AlignmentRaised RidgeWhen installed on a shaft, the red ridge rises and extends down the back of the grip to aid better hand alignment and more consistency, locking the hands in place every time. Improved Clubface AwarenessALIGN Technology locks in your hand placement for a consistent, square clubface throughout the swing, at address and impact.Moderate Surface TextureState-of-the-art rubber blend for maximum playability, and a scientifically designed non-slip surface pattern with plus sign texture that pulls moisture away from the surface to allow for consistent traction in all conditions.スペックSizeWeightCore SizeStandard52g60 ALIGNMidsize63.5g60 ALIGN商品番号:GOL0064 商品名:Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN Grip"

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