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"Flat Cat Solution Putter Grip"

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"Flat Cat Solution Putter Grip"

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"Flat Cat Solution Putter GripFLAT CAT Solution provides golf’s first answer to the yips. The FLAT CAT Solution’s patented stainless steel weighted cone, optimally positioned directly BELOW the hands, produces a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like stroke. Available in the square FLAT1™ design, FLAT CAT Solution will improve your putting accuracy and eliminate the dreaded yips.With a patented stainless steel weighted cone optimally positioned below the hands and the exclusive FLAT1™ grip shape, the FLAT CAT Solution® will instantly create a smoother, more consistent and confident putting stroke. &#8226 The weighted grip technology provides golf's first answer for the yips&#8226 Creates a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like stroke&#8226 Outstanding performance in wet & humid conditions&#8226 Places the face of the putter in the palm of your hand&#8226 Allows your putter to feel heavier and more stable without sacrificing feel&#8226 FLAT1™ design squares the face of the putter to the intended target line&#8226 Easy-Glide™ cone for effortless club removal from bagスペックSIZEDIAMETERWEIGHTSvelte1.23 126gStandard1.37172gFat1.50 197gBig Boy1.68227g商品番号:LAM0060 商品名:Flat Cat Solution Putter Grip"

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