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"FLAT CAT Putter Grip"

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"FLAT CAT Putter Grip"

激安クラブ USAから直送【フェアウェイゴルフインク】(387471)

"The FLAT CATTM putter grip puts the feeling of ""square"" in the palm of your hands. Why FLAT CAT??Did you know that from 5 feet, if your putter grip is open just 2 degrees, you’ll miss the putt?The FLAT CAT is a game-changing new putter grip that puts the feeling of “SQUARE” in the palm of your hands.Ensuring your putter face is square to your intended target line is the key to making putts.FLAT CAT™ Golf’s patent-pending Flat1™ design enables every golfer to square their hands, square their shoulders and square their putter face to the intended target line.DEVELOP A PERSONAL FEEL FOR THE FACE OF YOUR PUTTERNo matter what your grip preference, Traditional, Left-hand low, Saw, Claw, the FLAT CAT works with them all!TraditionalLeft-Hand LowSawClawスペック• STANDARD (1.37""H x 1.02""W x 12.2""L x 68 grams)• FAT (1.50""H x 1.14""W x 12.2""L x 85 grams)"

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