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"Flat Cat Solution Pistol Putter Grip"

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"Flat Cat Solution Pistol Putter Grip"

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"If you prefer the feeling of our pistol putter grip but are looking for something to help steady the hands while putting, the FLAT CAT SOLUTION Pistol Grip was made for you. Our patented weighted cone at the bottom of the grip keeps your hands steady and your putts aligned, while our pistol grip shape boasts a flat top and a rounded bottom for a comfortable feel in the hands. If you are looking for a weighted putter grip that is more traditionally shaped, the FLAT CAT SOLUTION Pistol Grip is the one for you. • The weighted grip technology provides golf's first answer for the ""yips"" • Easy-Glide™ cone for effortless removal from player's bag • Outstanding performance during humid and wet conditions • Creates a smoother, more pendulum-like stroke • Allows the putter to feel heavier and more stable without sacrificing feel PRODUCT INSTALLATION • Most golf retailers and golf course pro shops can regrip your club for a nominal fee. • Grip tape & solvent are needed to apply grips. • Grip tape & solvent are not included.SizePart #Diameter/WeightPistol Solution8732Standard/99g"

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